Goose Control Virginia Beach

Resident Canada Geese in Virginia beach

The present population of Canada Geese in Virginia Beach VA are in fact resident geese. Due to this, many in the area experience Canada Goose problems all year round. Canadian Geese are partial to the parks, lawns, sports fields, golf courses and other areas that allow them to eat a lot of grass.

Canada Geese are pattern oriented birds that have a tendency to return to the same places yearly, weekly and even daily. This is especially true during nesting season when geese become particularly stubborn and aggressive.

Geese are considered a nuisance for multiple reasons. The Canada Goose eats a large amount of grass which they pull up by the root, forcing golf courses, athletic fields and home owners to have to reseed their grass areas. While eating on land, geese also litter the ground with their droppings and contaminate the lake or pond they are swimming in with them as well. Goose droppings often carry the same diseases that the goose does, which then passes to fish and other wildlife or gets tracked to public areas from peoples shoes when walked through.

Overpopulation of Canada Geese is another reason that many want wildlife services to remove Canada Geese from their property. In order to control the populations, nesting services are also important to consider.

Canada Goose Harassment

While the Canada Goose seems overwhelming in local population, it is protected by federal regulations like the Migratory Bird act, despite many of them being resident geese local to Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Hampton Roads. In addition, while there is a regulated hunting season for Canada Geese, there are often municipal laws that prevent firing weapons within city limits, which prevents using that as a goose repellent or removal method even during the hunting season, and especially during non-regulated seasons.

These regulations also make it very difficult to legally do geese removal or round up the birds and move them to a new location, which outside of molting season when the geese are unable to fly, is often a pointless endeavor. While sometimes making mild habitat modification to a property will temporarily deter geese, it usually results in the return of the geese before long.

All of these factors often leave people feeling like they have no solution to their geese problems. Fortunately, Flyaway Geese offers goose control services that get rid of geese in humane and safe way that is supported by both PETA and the Humane Society. Our human methods of goose harassment provide a long lasting solution and help control the wildlife and geese in the area using Border Collies.

Border Collies are naturally a herding dog and do not aim to injure or harm the geese while convincing them that they should find another location to eat and rest. The dogs can also help control the populations of other fish eating birds that reside on properties that may have a lake or pond.

Goose Control services

Standard Goose control services

Canada Geese are not limited to just areas with bodies of water or large quantities of grass, therefore, Flyaway Geese does not limit our services to just that type of property. Our services are custom fit to every property depending on size of property, level of goose problem, size of lake, pond or other body of water and other factors. We pride ourselves on providing reliable service rain or shine and offering unbeatable customer service.

Examples of properties Flyaway Geese has serviced include, but are not limited to the following: golf courses; industrial sites; parks; corporate campuses; athletic fields; university and school campuses; federal and state property; commercial properties; private residences; home owners associations

Canada Geese nesting

Due to Canada Geese being protected, but needing population regulation, Flyaway Geese also provides nesting services that are a safe and legal solution to keeping goslings and aggressive parents from spending months on properties that are unsafe for the geese and for people around them. Canada geese often return to the same area every year to nest and it can take 2-3 years of consistent harassment before a property is completely rid of nesting geese.

Canada Geese are notoriously aggressive during their nesting season and once their eggs have hatched. Flyaway Geese tries to keep the geese from nesting on a property at all, but in the event they do, we provide egg addling and egg oiling services that we obtain a permit to perform and then take the nest. This service does not harm the goose and prevents the egg from developing an embryo and therefore assists in the effort to control the population. Canada Geese no longer limit themselves to nesting on the ground near water. Therefore, it is important that roof tops, flower beds, bushes and parking lots are checked thoroughly checked as well.

Other areas of wildlife control services

Not only does Flyaway Geese provide geese removal, but we also provide a variety of other wildlife services. Particularly in reference to getting rid of nuisance birds. Virginia Beach and Norfolk are home to a large variety of sea birds like Turns, Seagulls and Killdeer. We also assist in managing pigeon populations and with fish eating birds like Cormorants, that will drain all the fish from a pond very quickly.