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​Flyaway Geese provides goose management services on your property with highly trained, skilled Border Collies. Our dogs and handlers are the best in the business. We have been providing goose control services for over 20 years to corporate properties, schools, parks, airports, military installations and home owners across the country. Let us help you end your goose problems today!

All Flyaway Geese Dogs are certified by the North American Goose Dog Association. This assures that you have dogs on your property that are fully trained and are no risk to the birds or bystanders. Our dogs go through a rigorous training program before being chosen to be on our elite goose control squad. The safety of the birds and the public is our number one concern. Our dogs are trained to haze the birds in the most effective and also the most humane way possible. This method of goose control is fully endorsed by both PETA and the Humane Society of the US. There is no other method on the market more effective and yet so supported. We strive to offer you the best service in the industry.

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Rebecca Gibson started Flyaway Geese in 1997. After years of sheep dogs trialing Rebecca began training Border Collies for Goose and Wildlife Management. Rebecca has been training dogs her entire life and takes pride in producing high quality, stable and effective working dogs. Rebecca is a certified Wildlife Damage Control Agent for the State of North Carolina.

We offer services to any property with a goose problem, including:

  • Golf courses, Beaches and Lake front properties, Private estates
  • Colleges and Universities, Corporate properties, Housing complexes
  • Parks and Playgrounds, Cemeteries, Assisted living communities

We Place Goosedogs Where They Are Needed Most

Geese do not see as humans do. Geese see color shapes and patterns that trigger responses in their brain, such as food or safety. The border collie works stock with it's eye, stalking with it's head down and it's tail in between it's legs. It is this movement that triggers the predator response in the mind of the goose. The border collies have no desire to harm the birds but their movement when they are working looks like a wolf or a coyote, all natural predators to the geese. Therefore, the geese find the environment unsafe and they will go elsewhere.

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Safe and Humane Goose Patrols are a P.R. Win for your Organization

Our goose control techniques are approved by the USDA Wildlife Service and the US Fish & Wildlife service. They are also endorsed by the Humane Society and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. We carry informative literature about our methods on every visit to your property to educate any curious bystander. We will sing your praises for your humane and ethical choice to use us for your goose control problem!


FlyAway Geese is a vigilant goose patrol service tailored to your needs and budget


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