Looking For A Certified Goosedog?

Looking to move geese or nuisance wildlife off your property? Flyaway Geese offers fully trained Border Collies to properties that wish to do their own goose management. Dogs are fully customizable for the needs of the property and the duties requested. Our dogs come with a 6-month replacement warranty and lifetime consultation.


Available Dog Options

Please contact us for current dog availability. It’s difficult to keep them up to date on this page. All levels of dogs are available.


Fully Trained Goosedog

​Depending on training level and experience.

Started Goosedog

​Depending on training level and experience.

Goosedog Puppy

​Depending on training level and experience.

Lease a Goosedog

Available Dogs

  • Sweetie

  • Calvin

  • Kyra

  • Leo

  • Fred

  • Euro

  • Quill

  • Will

  • Joker

  • Garth

    "Party on, Wayne!"
  • Wayne

    "Party on, Garth!"

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