About Us

Loving Dogs & Moving Geese Since 1997

Simply Put, We Love Dogs & Move Geese! We stand behind our dogs and our humane methods of moving unwanted wildlife. Our handlers are fully committed to customer service, satisfaction and adhering to industry standards. The following services and guarantees are what separate us from other pest control and geese management companies.
  • Training - The Border collies of Flyaway Geese are trained on real birds and wildlife in the field. They come with experience and extensive on-the-job training. The result is a dog that thoroughly knows it’s purpose, is eager to work and will be ready to report to duty when needed.
  • Socialization - Flyaway Geese works very hard to ensure that our dogs are well socialized and will adapt to any situation. Our dogs are raised in a family environment, around animals, kids and comfortable in various surroundings.
  • Matching - With information provided by you, we select a trained dog from our kennels that will best adapt to your working and boarding/home environment. We want to please not only you, but also make sure the partnership is mutually beneficial for the dog as well.
  • Delivery - To ease the transition of the dog into its new environment, we personally delivery all our dogs. We train handlers while onsite and do not leave until all your questions are answered.
  • Warranty - Our warranty is the most extensive warranty in the industry. We give our customers a 45-day health warranty, 6-month replacement warranty, and lifetime consultation on the dog.

Meet Our Team

​Current And Former Clients Include

No one has more experience

Rebecca Gibson started Flyaway Geese in 1997. After years of sheep dogs trialing Rebecca began training Border Collies for Goose and Wildlife Management. Rebecca has been training dogs her entire life and takes pride in producing high quality, stable and effective working dogs. Rebecca is a certified Wildlife Damage Control Agent for the State of North Carolina.

We offer services to any property with a goose problem, including:

  • Golf courses, Beaches and Lake front properties, Private estates
  • Colleges and Universities, Corporate properties, Housing complexes
  • Parks and Playgrounds, Cemeteries, Assisted living communities